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We do shit we love

In our managementteam we have a common incentive that brought us together. We believe we can make a better world by teaming up from various backgrounds. That’s what makes innovation happen. Get out of your own bubble, work together, co-create and find solutions in a new way. Why? Because we can do so much better.

We want to help people all over the world to stay healthy. Healthy happy people. We do shit we love! Literaly, because we found out that shit tells the truth. So that’s why we develop Smart Toilets with the most advanced sensortechnology that on a daily bases, in a quick and easy way keeps track of your stool. It gives answer on the question What if your toilet could talk to you?

Your toilet will inform you about your health, about the effects of diet on stool, the effects of lossing or gaining weight, the effects of sports or exercise on stool. A happy digestion is key for good health and will enhance a good performance.

Our managementteam has more than 75 years of experience in various aria’s. We combine medical, technical and commercial knowledge and experience. In the Netherlands, our hometowns Utrecht and Delft, but also abroad. We aim to offer solutions for a better world, for happy healthy people all over the world.

Smart Toilets consists of founder drs. Tessie Vilé (CEO), founder PoepPaleis, entrepreneur and marketingexpert

Co-founder dr. Eelko Ronner (CMO) MD, PhD, Cardiologist experienced in medical trials and research

Co-founder ing. Bart van Heijningen (CTO), entrepreneur, new business strategist, NewTech addict

Our home base is Utrecht Science Park, first floor at Utrecht Inc, Padualaan 8, Utrecht, the Neteherlands

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Tessie@smarttoilets.nl, +31 (0) 612.466225

Eelko@smarttoilets.nl, +31 (0) 626158596

Bart@smarttoilets.nl, +31 (0)651.512696

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